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  • Annual conference 2016 triviaReturn

    In this bowed out, beautiful moment of Spring Festival, we ushered in the new annual Spring Festival in 2016, wu 2016 we go more steady faster longer...

    New wu all colleagues of the company together, festival yesterday's brilliant achievements, looking forward to the company a better future, in this new wu company gives everyone a free flying stage, the stage of joy, let all the staff together: "process improvement, energy conservation and emissions reduction, innovation" of the whole, the conference also recognize the three awards: 2015 "award for best cost consciousness", "best science and technology innovation award", "award for best energy conservation and emissions reduction", which is our development direction in the future.


    All staff of toast, I wish the company business prosperous, source of money widely enter!


    Employees spontaneous talent show

    Draw link, everyone to eat!